Astronaut Ron to Address Social Business Day

Yunus Centre Press Release (June 25, 2012):


The 3rd Annual Social Business Day will be held on June 28, 2012 this year at Gonoshasthaya Kendra, Savar. On this day, the global social business community celebrates the social business concept pioneered by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus.

The first celebration of this day took place on 28 June 2010 in Dhaka, with parallel programs in Germany, USA, Japan, UK, France and Italy. The Day will be celebrated in more countries this year. The inaugural ceremony of Social Business Day in Bangladesh this year will include an opening speech by Professor Yunus, followed by other dignitaries.

Special Guest NASA Astronaut Ron Garan has confirmed his participation in this year’s Social Business Day in Dhaka. Ron Garan, carried Professor Yunus’s book “Creating a World Without Poverty” to the Space Station where he spent six months. He will conduct a special session on "Planet and Life in Space: An Orbital Perspective”. In his presentation he will be sharing his experience in space with the Bangladeshi audience. The theme for this year's social business day is “Transforming Societies through Social Business”.

As the focal point of the worldwide social business movement, the day brings together social business pioneers from corporations, civil society, academia and governments from many countries of the world. Through an intensive program of talks, panels and workshops, it will provide an occasion to share results, make connections and learn from each other on the social business frontier. The different panel sessions will highlight on issues such as Youth, Technology in the context of Social Business, Financing of Social Business, Social Business and Academia, Social Business,  the Environment and Renewable Energy, Social Business and Employment Creation, Social Business for the Disabled and the Disadvantaged, Social Business for Healthcare and Nutrition, Micro Finance and Social Business.


This year about 700 local and 125 foreign participants from Italy, Germany, France, USA, Japan, Bahrain, Turkey, Malaysia, Haiti, Colombia, India, Albania, Monaco will attend the event. The international participants will visit several social business sites in Bangladesh during their stay in Bangladesh.
During the day, speakers from all over the world will explore many ground-breaking ideas. This will create and inspire a vision on how to approach and navigate through the increasingly interconnected field of Social Business.

The event will give an opportunity for social businesses to display their products to create awareness among various constituencies about their work.
The final date for registration is June 25, 2012. More information on the social business day is available at

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Updated Date: 25th January, 2017

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