About Us

Last Updated : 10th June, 2015


There are lots of interest around the world about the concept of Social Business. People want to know what is social business, what’s going on in social business, what's next in social business, how do I get involved with social business, etc. We thought we should find a way to address these questions. We came up with the idea of putting everything in the cyberspace for everybody to share all the information. We created a SOCIAL BUSINESS KNOWLADGE MALL, a space where people can come, look around and see what’s happening. We are inviting everybody to take a tour of it.

It is a collective creation. It grows as you add your experience everyday. In the process it becomes a global resource of unparalleled value. We invite everybody to put what they are seeing, what they are thinking, what are they producing, what kind of company they are creating.  We name this experience as SOCIAL BUSINESS PEDIA.