First Batch Graduates from Japan-Auto Mechanic : Social Business Joint-venture Trains Children of Grameen Borrowers

Yunus Centre Press Release (December 24, 2016):


First ever graduation ceremony was held on Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 at Japan Automechanic School with 10 students graduating who are all children of Grameen Bank borrowers.  Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus presided over the graduation ceremony. Mr Hirao Tsuneaki, Managing Director and  Mr Duncan Powers, General Manager of the School were present at the graduation ceremony.


The  School commenced operations in January 2015 with an initial 10 students. The school has now 32 students and aims to scale up its capacity gradually to 200 students. Three of the new graduates have been hired at the school itself as junior teachers while remaining seven are hired by Rangs Auto workshop.


The School is an international joint venture social business between Japanese Foundation NPO SK Dream Japan, Grameen Shikkha and Rangs Workshop Ltd. Its aim is to train Bangladeshi youths in the maintenance and repair of automobiles especially Japan manufactured ones. This venture addresses the issue of unskilled workforce in Bangladesh; providing hands on mechanic and English language training, enabling them to work in any part of the globe. Highly skilled local and foreign trainers from different countries including Japan and Australia teaches at the school.


Application from the children of Grameen Bank borrowers are screened once a year and the selected applicants get interest free education loan from Grameen Shikkha to pursue their degrees. Students get all equipment, dress, accommodation covered in the loan and get one year grace period before starting to pay back the loan through long term installments.  


While congratulating the graduates during his speech at the graduation ceremony, Professor Muhammad Yunus said, “ Bangladesh will get professional hands to look after their automobiles now. With world class training and experience, I hope one day, today’s graduates will become the new generation of entrepreneurs and open their own workshops and be job creators. These young graduates will open a new door for the youths of Bangladesh".



Photo Caption 1: Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus with the first ever graduates of Japan Auto Mechanic School with Hirao Tsuneaki, Managing Director, Duncan Powers, General Manager of the School, and Nurjahan Begum, Managing Director of Grameen Shikkha.



Photo Caption 2: Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and Hirao Tsuneaki, Managing Director, Japan Auto Mechanic School presenting one of the 10 graduates with his graduation certificate and present.

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Source: Yunus Centre

Updated Date: 25th January, 2017

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